Buy With Confidence

Our Policy

We believe in a policy of transparency and clarity for all users of our website. We provide the following information which meets and exceeds our legal requirement as an online retailer:

  • Our name and address, this can be found here
  • Description of the item: this is on our website. If you need more information before you buy, please ask.
  • Price, including VAT. This will be stated clearly on our website.
  • Information on our Delivery policy can be found here
  • For promotions we will highlight how long the offer or the price will remain valid.

Policy on Conflict Diamonds

We are aware of the situation regarding "Conflict Diamonds" and are fully complying with the directions that our industry has put in place to prevent this trade. We are gratified that all countries with significant involvement in the Diamond Trade and the leading industry associations have co-operated in creating a global system to combat the traffic in conflict diamonds. Our full policy on Conflict Diamonds can be found here.

How you can pay?

We accept payments for the credit & debit cards mentioned below & up to and including £10,000 total in a single transaction. Permitted cards include: MasterCard, Visa, Switch, Solo, Visa Debit and Maestro.

For amounts above £10,000 we would encourage a visit to our showroom in Aberdeen. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us on our telephone number 01224 641 219, or by e-mail at


We can supply you with a substitute if what you have ordered isn't available. We will always advise you before doing this to check that this is acceptable to you.

If we are to do this, we will meet the cost of returning the goods, if you decide that you do not want them.


If you wish to write to complain that there is a problem, first of all write to:

The Managing Partner
Jamieson & Carry
142 Union Street
AB10 1GF

If that fails, you might want to try:

The National Association of Goldsmiths
78a Luke Street,

Tel: 020 7613 4445

Guarantees and After-sales Services

We are here to help with any after-sales enquiries you may have.

We have highly-qualified craftspeople on-site and access to some of the country's best workshops.

Cancellation of Order

If you want to return the goods on cancellation, you will have to pay for the return of the goods. Our advice is that you use the same packaging and method of posting as we used to get it to you. Once the item has arrived back with us safely, we will process the refund.

When your order arrives

You have the right to return or cancel your order for any reason. But there are some exceptions.

When you can't cancel

Please note that there are circumstances when you cannot cancel unless the trader has given you a specific contractual right to do so. These are if:

You had the goods made to your specifications. This includes an item that has been altered to a specific finger or wrist-size.

Goods are clearly personalised.

When to cancel

You can cancel at any time until the end of the seventh working day after the day on which you receive your goods.

How to cancel

To cancel your order, you must tell us in writing - by letter, fax or e-mail. If sending a letter, send the letter by registered post, so you can prove that you sent it and track its progress.

Refunds after cancelling

If you have already paid for the goods or services, we will refund your money within 30 days of receiving the goods safely back from you, in the original condition.

General information and advice for all our customers:

Consumer Rights

Are you about to make a purchase, or pay for services? For more information about your rights as a consumer follow the link - it contains guidance and useful information about what to bear in mind before you buy.

Buying at home

It could be over the internet, or through a doorstep salesman. This section lets you know your rights when buying at home.